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Health is Wealth!

​At CHAMPS Fitness our goal is to ensure that we provide your organization with industry leading talent, management, and programming. Your company will be the epicenter of excitement for your employees and partnering with CHAMPS Fitness will ensure a constant refreshment of that excitement.

Wellness Program Benefits
  • Resources for employees & dependents

  • Unique website customized for your Company

  • Customized diet and lifestyles guide

  • Customized vitamin recommendations

  • Nutritional programs and product discounts

  • Customized employee guide

  • Monthly newsletter

  • Video resources

  • Participation levels report

  • Customized benefits for participants

  • Goal setting and progress monitoring

  • Diet and lifestyle coaching and counseling

  • Calculate your company’s 10 greatest risk factors

  • Monitor calorie intake, food intake, health status, fitness activities and more

  • Review 3D anamorphic imagery of physical progress

  • Fitness programs

  • Nutritional programs

  • Meal planner

  • Grocery list generator

Our Platform

CHAMPS Fitness Wellness provides a comprehensive online support platform to help employees track their progress and meet their goals. Starting with a snapshot of their current health status, the Corporate Wellness Program provides a road map of how to improve their health, laid out in simple-to-follow changes.


CHAMPS Fitness walks each employee through setting up their profile, establishing goals, and providing employees the fitness and nutrition plan to achieve their own desired outcomes. Whether their goal is to just learn how to eat a little healthier, track their daily caloric intake or get some guidance on a fitness routine, CHAMPS Fitness Wellness can help them get there.


Don’t worry! Just like the rest of CHAMPS Fitness' program offerings, all the information employees provide is protected within a secure environment and none of their information will be shared with anyone.

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