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Creating a healthier work culture at your company


CHAMPS Fitness believes that your corporate wellness program is a way for you to attract future employees, to retain current employees, and to send a message to your entire organization that you care to give them the very best. Our goal in is to embrace your company's culture and to fuel your employees personal health and wellness goals. 

Here to Serve:

We provide your company with a platform and tools to motivate your employees to maintain healthy lifestyle choices via positive reinforcements and rewards.

The Need:

3 out of 5 employers in the US invest in a corporate wellness program. Why? Because when properly integrated, a Corporate Wellness Program (CWP) can improve employee health and productivity while lowering health care costs.



Motivate your employees to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Motivation works like a charm when it comes to following a healthy lifestyle. That’s why Fit Speed is structured to incentivize employees and nudge them to improve their health.

Through the CHAMPS Fitness CWP, companies are be able to easily track and analyze the health related activities of their employees, engage with them, and create motivating programs to encourage healthy behaviors.

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